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Import Trade Data
Data Ignite partnered with Trade Mining LLC to develop the Trade Advantage BI portal for the Import Trade industry. The data is gathered, cleansed and conformed into a dimensional design data warehouse using SQL Server 2012. Both Tabular and Dimensional model cubes were constructed to allow for fast data delivery. The portal was constructed using SharePoint 2010 to deliver data using dashboards, reports and PowerPivot spreadsheets.

Search Engine Marketing
A San Diego Search Engine Marketing company contracted Data Ignite to implement a data warehouse and cube for each of the client's high volume customers. Data was collected from search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc...) which fed the data warehouse. Each customer had their own dimensional model and data hierarchies. Data Ignite was contracted to create a system which would dynamically create a data warehouse and cube based on the specific data relationships of each customer. Data was delivered through a Flex (now FlashBuilder) UI that allowed for analytical slicing and dicing of cube data.

Online Learning
The San Francisco based client has a sophisticated seat based licensing for their online English Learning courses. Data Ignite was to contracted to implement a new data warehouse for the insights department to gain better understanding of how their customer base was using their products. Their clients are large companies with worldwide locations. Each of the clients would purchase seat licenses and have different users occupy those seats at different times. Data Ignite created the dimensional model based on a Kimball architecture and subsequently implemented the data warehouse, cubes and reports.

Online Retail
A Los Angeles based women's fashion company hired Data Ignite to develop their data warehouse and report delivery system. The sources of the data included a website database (MySQL), Microsoft Dynamics AX, internal spreadsheets and Google Analytics. The data warehouse collected and conformed the data so that reporting could cover all aspects of the business. The reports were delivered using a Reporting Services (SSRS) Report Manager intranet site. Data Analysts used Excel connected to an SSAS cube to do ad-hoc querying and analysis.

Healthcare Manufacturing
A New York based healthcare manufacturing company contracted NEC for a large project to implement a Contract Management System, a Rebate Processing System, a Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence (BI) solution. NEC subcontracted Data Ignite for the roles of Data Architect and ETL Architect for the Rebate Processing System and Data Warehouse portions of the project. The manufacture has numerous distributors that provide their sales tracings in multiple formats. The sales data needed to be cleansed and conformed to a single format and loaded into the data warehouse. The major problem to solve was de-duplicating the address information of their large customer base (doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, etc...). Data Ignite created the ETL process using Integration Services and the built in fuzzy logic components to assure address and customer accuracy allowing for greater insight the use of the BI portal. We also created a front end application using ASP.NET which would allow an analyst to link addresses that were borderline matches to existing customers. The project included business analysis, project management, proof of concept development and technical lead of offshore resources for implementation.

Project Experience not related to Data Ignite contracts

1) Life Insurance industry with COBOL/DB2, Document Management, and Availability and Performance (websites) - providing technical lead and project management

2) Import/Export Trade data - project management and implementation of data warehouse and report delivery system