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Power BI
Microsoft's Power BI platform for Analytics allows companies to gain valuable insights to their data. Interactive reports and dashboards give the end user the ability to visually explore their data. Power BI Desktop is a free download and the Power BI Service (cloud based service) allows users to share their visualizations for a reasonable monthly fee. Click here for more info on Power BI. Data Ignite's Kathy Kinnier started with Power BI as an Excel plugin and has immersed herself in the new Power BI Desktop and Service. Microsoft recently designated Kathy as the NY/NJ Power BI User Group leader. Click here to join the Power BI Public User Group (PUG). Data Ignite is also fluent with Power BI within SharePoint's BI Center (on-prem) and has implemented Power BI solutions for the following industries: Import/Export; Search Engine Marketing; Aerospace; Law Enforcement; Beverage Manufacturing and Distribution; Financial Services; and Aviation Training/Certification.

Data Warehousing
Simply put, data warehousing is the collection of data from various sources deposited into a single database in a report ready format. Our expert consultants are fluent in the Kimball method of data warehouse design and dimensional modeling. Data Ignite will research your business's available data, analyze your company's data consumption needs, design the dimensional model database for the data warehouse and build the Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) process. We'll also design and build data cubes based on your data warehouse to further facilitate the delivery of data to the reporting environment. As part of the solution you will benefit from the following: an audit system to track changes to data as it travels through the ETL process; a point in time backup and recovery model; documentation on all phases of the ETL process and database design.

Business Intelligence
The main goal of BI is to help your company's personnel make better and more timely business decisions. Data Ignite will analyze the data needs of your company at various department and position levels.  The analysis is more than just requirements gathering. Our analysts will meet with your personnel to understand how they can perform their jobs more efficiently with cleaner, more intuitive data to allow for better decision making. We'll also tailor their reporting needs based on the position they occupy. The CEO will have different needs than a manager, who will have different needs than a data analyst. Each position in your organization will have a reporting portal designed to suit their needs. Dashboards with charts, graphs and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) will be designed for quick visual assessment. The portal will also provide more detailed level reports using filters, drill-down and drill-through functionality to allow for more comprehensive insight to the organization's data. Data Ignite will fine tune this process at the data, report and dashboard level so that insights are delivered in a timely fashion.